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A Personalised, Tailored Experience

We know that every client is different, some don’t like to be on camera and we can offer that straightforward shooting experience. But, for those who are looking to level up their promotional video and photography game, we offer our personalized guidance for no additional charge. 

We love to work with agents who are looking to make the most out of their content. Our first goal is to find the style that will help you be comfortable on camera, as it’s been shown that real estate videos have a huge boost in viewer retention when the agent comes across as sincere on camera. Style includes many aspects such as tone. Examples of tone in different videos are funny, serious, laid back, family-friendly, dark and many more. We will show you video examples of each and find what resonates with you the most.

After we’ve found the style that will make you most comfortable on camera, we will take you through scripting. Scripting can take many forms for different people, as some prefer just dot points or full-on voice over scripts. It is important to know what you’re going to be speaking about prior to your shoot, this way you won’t feel nervous and it will really help you bring out your personality on camera. 

It is through this tailored experience that we can turn your videos and photos from stock standard, run of the mill affairs, into bespoke content that will capture audience attention and boost your sales!

Full Media Package

Get all your property Media, in one shoot.

Property Video

With drone, agent featiures and day to night transitions.


Daylight, Twilight & Aerial Photography.

We’re grateful to work with incredible clients.


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Frequently asked questions

Do BREM service areas outside of Brisbane?

Yep! We service from the Gold Coast to Sunny Coast and out to Ipswich. Please contact us for additional details on 0488 551 394 or send through an email to [email protected]

Am I able to create my own custom package for my needs?

You sure can! Give us a call on 0488 551 394 or send an email to [email protected]  and we’ll happily sort out anything to meet your needs.

Are you able to do video/photoshoots for things not related to Real Estate?

We sure can! You’ll need to contact us to arrange the booking on 0488 551 394 or send through an email to [email protected]

Do I have to appear on Camera?

You definitely don’t have to! Our clients have always had success be it on or off camera, You don’t even have to do a voice over if you are too nervous. We will make sure either way that it turns out to the highest standards.

About Us

Brisbane Real Estate Media provides photography, videography, and floor plan services to the Brisbane region.

We specialize in: real estate photography, twilight photography, aerial photography, property highlight videos, property showcase videos, agent profile videos, aerial videography, 2D floor plans, 3D floor plans, drone photography and drone videography.

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