Behind the Lense: Cottage-Turned-Dream-Home

Behind the Lense: Cottage-Turned-Dream-Home

January 19, 2023

Explore the Transitional Beauty of a Cottage-Turned-Dream-Home with Brem’s Behind the Lens

Welcome to Behind the Lens with Brem, where we take you on a journey through the thought process and decision-making that goes into creating our visually stunning real estate videos. Today, we’re excited to showcase a one-of-a-kind property that seamlessly blends the quaint charm of a cute cottage with the grandeur of a luxurious 2-story family dream home

As experienced videographers, we understand the importance of achieving a clean, clinical look in our interior shots. However, when shooting at dusk, it’s a delicate balance between capturing the ambiance of the setting and maintaining the desired aesthetic. In this particular video, we were able to strike that balance perfectly, showcasing the home’s beauty in all its glory.

Fun fact: During the shoot, our drone unfortunately met with an unfortunate accident and crashed into a tree. But, to our surprise, it was still in working condition after the fall.

As we explored the property, one standout feature that caught our attention was the beautiful piano located downstairs. While some videographers might have focused heavily on this piece of furniture, we believe that it should be used more as a complement to the overall design of the home rather than taking center stage. The piano was a nice aesthetic boost, it added a touch of elegance to the house and it was a nice touch but it should not take away from the main focus which is the house itself.

Join us on this tour of one of Brisbane’s most amazing homes, and see for yourself why this property is a luxury must-see. From the charming front façade to the stunning 2-story back, this home is sure to impress. Follow the hashtags #brisbanerealestate #amazinghomes #cribs #besthomes #housetour #luxuryhomes #realestate for more stunning properties and behind the scenes footage of our videography process.

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Doesn’t this place just look stunning on the break dusk!.

The Natural Bushland on the doorstep of this property makes it one of the most majestically places to live.

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