What’s your Video Presentation Style?

What’s your Video Presentation Style?

January 14, 2022

Check out the Tiktok below for more examples

Now that you know what BREM Moods is, we will now run you through what sort of questions we’ll ask and how the conversation will evolve.

Question 1: Do you feel like you already have a style, or a style you’d like to work towards after watching the example videos? (click here to view the playlist of example videos)

Example: I’m not really sure, I normally just say the name of the property and describe the house. But I feel like I could be far more creative with it. Ideally I’d like to have more of a fun style of video

What are 3 words or phrases that would best describe you?

Example:, I don’t take myself too seriously. I don’t really want to come across as one of those boring real estate guys.

On a scale of hate appearing on camera, to you thrive off it, where would you rate how comfortable you are on camera (If you have an example of this please show us)?

Example: I love it, but I struggle to come up with ideas or how to improve my presentation.

How do you prepare yourself for a video shoot?

Example: I like to adlib, run off the cuff, being too scripted makes me feel unnatural.


From hearing this, we would take you down the Fun style route, This will involve a lot of brainstorming and helping you prepare short skits/fun moments for your videos. Along the way, we can find little recruiting themes that can feature across your videos that become synonymous with your name. For instance, one of our clients Remy, always likes to get his staff involved and inevitably involves a skit with alcohol, bringing a light and energetic mood to the video to really capture the audience! You can see the example video below!

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Frequently asked questions

Do BREM service areas outside of Brisbane?

Yep! We service from the Gold Coast to Sunny Coast and out to Ipswich. Please contact us for additional details on 0488 551 3949 or send through an email to [email protected]

Am I able to create my own custom package for my needs?

You sure can! Give us a call on 0488 551 3949 or send through an email to [email protected]  and we’ll happily sort out anything to meet your needs.

Are you able to do video/photo shoots for things not related to Real Estate?

We sure can! You’ll need to contact us to arrange the booking on 0488 551 3949 or send through an email to [email protected]

Do I have to appear on Camera?

You definitely don’t have to! Our clients have always had success be it on or off camera, You don’t even have to do a voice over if you are too nervous. We will make sure either way that it turns out to the highest standards.

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