Full Media Package Example

Full Media Package Example

June 1, 2022

Below is an example of everything you receive in a Full Media Deluxe Package

Real Estate Video Augustine Heights

Real Estate Twilight Video Augustine Heights, doesn’t this place just look stunning on the break dusk!.

The Natural Bushland on the doorstep of this property elevates this property to one of the most majestic places to live. 

Backing onto a massive park! Perfect for children and your furry friends because it was voted one of the best parks for dogs in the area! 

Augustine Heights has been exploding with new residential areas. Excellent local shopping centers and all the amenities that you’d expect from a modern lifestyle

But you really can have the best of both worlds, being so close to nature, and still only 5 minutes away from Orion Springfield Central!

As you can see, from the Video above, the video and Photos were taken around 4pm. We used a new editing technique where we shot the same shots, but at 4pm and 5:30pm, transitioning between it for that awesome twilight view of the property.

With our editing skills, you can see we converted the cover photos to be “Twilight”. It brings a real shine to the property!

If this is something you’re interested in, please check out our full media packages and select twilight when booking!

In the near future, we will be bringing you more shots of these lovely homes! We’ve been flat out here at BREM and cannot wait to show off some more of our recent shoots.

If you’d like to check out our Real Estate Video services, take a look here! Check out our Aerial Photography here!


Real Estate Twilight Photography

Real Estate Drone Photography

We couldn’t be more proud of how the drone shots for this shoot turned out as well. It was a beautiful evening, but the Twilight aspects don’t translate well to pin photos. So we converted it to a stunning daytime shot instead!

It really allowed us to capture the magnificence of this area. As seen from the Pin Photo, you really are just a stones throw away from everything you desire!


 Drone Point Of Interest (POI) Photography

Real Estate Floor Plan

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